Year Six - Turquoise Class

Welcome to Year Six – Turquoise Class

Welcome to Turquoise Class where Mrs Samantha Bishop is the Class Teacher and Mrs Sue Hyatt is the Teaching Assistant. The children follow the expectation of the National Curriculum and the learning is carefully planned to ensure that all children are motivated and excited to learn.

Mrs Samantha Bishop

Class Teacher - Year 6 Turquoise Class

Mrs Sarah Ros-Rydh

Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor

Summer 1 and Summer 2 2021
Spring 2 2021
Spring 1 2021
Autumn 2 2020
Autumn 1 2020
This half term has seen some exciting maths in Turquoise Class! We have enjoyed making spaghetti and Cheerio towers to help us explore place value and to add and subtract large numbers.
We have mastered working with numbers up to ten million, adding and subtracting any number and we are now moving on to using formal methods of multiplication. Turquoise Class are super mathematicians! 
Our focus in science has been light. We proved that light travels in straight lines in some very creative ways. Everybody had different ideas about how they could do this.
When we explored shadow making, we had so much fun proving that shadows are the same shape as the object that casts them and learning why! 
We have loved our current book, Coraline for our literacy learning. We've written diary entries and beautiful descriptions based on the book, as well as learning how to create suspense using punctuation and dialogue to convey character and advance the action in a narrative.
Our very own Harry Potter super-fan Lily-May meeting the mayor for a presentation celebrating Falmouth as an Honorary Quidditch Town at Pendennis Castle. Look out for the flag if you're there!
In Geography, we have learnt all about OS maps, four and six figure grid references and how to read the relief of land using contour lines on maps. Comparing Falmouth with other local areas, we have considered their human and physical features, looking for similarities and differences. 
Art - Turquoise class have been learning to recognise the horizon line, lines of perspective and vanishing point in images. They've put this knowledge to use and learned how to draw shapes, letters, buildings and whole street views using one-point perspective. We are looking forward to making 3D clay maps this half term!
PE - Turquoise Class have been learning how to play rounders and kick-rounders. We have also been working on a variety of balances.