Year One - Blue Class

Welcome to Year One – Blue Class.

Welcome to Blue Class where Mrs Carly Curnow and Mrs Kerenza Burnett are the Class Teachers and Miss Ruth Swales is the Teaching Assistant. The children follow the expectation of the National Curriculum and the learning is carefully planned to ensure that all children are motivated and excited to learn.

Mrs Carly Curnow

Class Teacher - Year 1 Blue Class

Mrs Kerenza Burnett

Class Teacher - Year 1 Blue Class

Miss Ruth Swales

Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor - Year 1 Blue Class

Autumn Term 1 (2020): Marvellous Me!
Food Tasting Investigation
In Blue Class we have been learning about our '5 Senses' as part of our 'Marvellous Me' topic.   We used our sense of taste to identify different foods.  To make sure we only used our taste sense we closed our eyes so we didn't see the foods we were eating.    We had to identify: chocolate, carrots, mature cheddar cheese, bread, orange, raisins.   We all loved the chocolate but most of us were not so keen on the mature cheese!
Personal History Timelines
We have been learning about our own personal history.  We put photos of our life in chronological order to create a timeline of our life. 
Art: Self-Portraits
This half term Blue Class have been creating self-portraits in their Art lessons. 
Autumn Term 2 (2020): Toys 
Religion and Worldviews: Christianity
Blue Class have been learning about the Christian story of Creation this half term. We have made a giant collage to help us remember the order of events and retell the story. 
Blue Class have decorated their Christmas tree this year to show the Nativity Story. 
Design Technology 
This half term we have been making our own toys on wheels during our DT lessons. 
First, we had to design our toy and label each part with the names of the different materials we were going to use. Then we had to carefully use scissors to cut a range of materials and join them together using glue or tape. We had to create wheels and axles for our toys, so that they could move. Finally, we had to evaluate our toy - saying what we liked and didn't like, before thinking of ways that we could make them even better next time. 
Spring Term 1 (2021): The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Blue Class Home Learning - Spring 1
Design Technology 
This half term we have been making fruit/vegetable caterpillars during our home learning DT lessons. 
First, we had to design our caterpillar and label each part with the names of the different fruits or vegetables we were going to use. Then we had to carefully chop our fruit/veg using a knife and arrange this on the plate. Finally, we had to evaluate our caterpillar - saying what we liked and didn't like, before thinking of ways that we could make them even better next time. 
Religion and Worldviews: Christianity 
We have been learning about the parable of The Lost Son during our home learning this half term. 
We retold the story using pictures and captions. We then explored the hidden meanings of the parable, learning what it teaches Christians about God. We learnt that Christians believe that God is like a loving and forgiving father. Finally, we learnt about the ways in which Christians showed they loved God and compared this with how we can show that we love/care about other people. 
Literacy: The Lion and the Mouse
We have been practising our description writing this half term during our home learning Literacy lessons. 
We thought of exciting adjectives and verbs to describe how the lion looks, moves and sounds in our story. 
Computing - E-Safety 
Blue Class took a visit to the SMART Zoo and learnt how to stay safe online. 
We created our own posters explaining what the SMART acronym means and how we can stay safe when are online. 
Spring Term 2 (2021): Jack and the Beanstalk
This half term we have been looking at botanical artwork by three artists; Peter Brown, Pierre Joseph Redoute and Sarah Jane Humphries. 
We discussed what we thought of their images and how they used colour, pattern and detail in their work. We decided which artist was our favourite and then created our own botanical images using this style. 
After this, we created close-up studies of plants and flowers using different media, before choosing our favourite image to turn into a polystyrene tile. We then used these tiles to create a repeating pattern print. 
World Book Day 
We celebrated our World Book Day when we were back in school after the Covid lockdown. 
We all dressed up as our favourite book characters and spent the whole day sharing our love of reading. We made book buddies - showing details of our favourite books and characters. We also created large characters of Jack, the giant and a beanstalk for our school display board. We spent the afternoon in the Eco Garden, combining our reading with Music, and used instruments to add sound effects to the story of Stinky Jack and the Beanstalk. 
We all dressed up as rockstars for the day to help raise money for Comic Relief. 
Religion and Worldviews: Judaism 
This half term we have been learning about Judaism. 
We learnt about things that were precious to Jewish people - especially the Mezuzah and the Shema (a Jewish prayer). We learnt that Jewish people remember the Creation story on Shabbat and we retold this story using instruments to add sound effects. 
We learnt about how and why Jewish people celebrate Shabbat. 


Summer Term 1 (2021): A Magical Journey 
Blue Class Geography Fieldwork Trip

 Blue class went on a field trip where we walked around the local area to see what places and landmarks there are.   To help us remember what we  saw we used the iPads to take photos.  
Map Skills 
Using the information we found out during our fieldwork trip Blue Class created large maps to show the area we live. We learnt about the key features of a map and ensured we created symbols and a key to represent the different places and landmarks.  
We became human Sat Navs!
Once we had created our maps we learnt how to use directional and positional language to give directions for how to get to different places on our map.  

We became human Sat Navs! 
Watch our videos below. 
Summer Term 2 (2021) : The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch
The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch Motivator Day
On Tuesday 8th June Blue Class enjoyed their Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch motivator day.  They took part in a range of activities throughout the day.  In the morning they made delicious lighthouse biscuits, large collage pictures for the class display and 3D seagulls.  In the afternoon the children had some time playing in the sandpit and Mrs Curnow challenged them to problem solve and find a way to transport food from the 'cottage' to the 'lighthouse' using only a basket and some rope like Mrs Grinling does in the story.   The children demonstrated great teamwork and problem-solving skills to successfully find a way to transfer the food.  See some pictures from our motivator day below.