Year Four - Aqua & Topaz Class

Welcome to Year Four – Aqua Class and Topaz Class

Welcome to Aqua Class where Mrs Emma Broom is the Class Teacher and Miss Kate Cassell is the Teaching Assistant and Topaz Class where Mrs Laura Harrison is the Class Teacher and Mrs Sarah Ros-Rydh is the Teaching Assistant. The children follow the expectation of the National Curriculum and the learning is carefully planned to ensure that all children are motivated and excited to learn.

Mrs Laura Harrison

Class Teacher - Year 4 Topaz Class

Miss Lucy Crossley

Class Teacher - Year 4 Aqua Class

Miss Kathryn Cassell

Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor - Year 4 Aqua Class

Mrs Susan Hyatt

Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor - Year 4 Topaz Class

Summer 2 2021
Summer 1 2021
Spring 2 2021
Year 4 have loved walking in the footsteps of Elizabeth Warren - a famous and influential Cornish female botanist who blew up stereotypes to make great scientific leaps in her field. We created our own versions of her scientific research journals, used what we discovered to build terrariums and then worked out how we could use this to help farmers reduce the carbon footprint by growing their own tropical produce.
We really enjoyed Comic Relief and Times Table Rockstars, we created our own songs, organised a festival and had an air guitar challenge!
Spring 1 2021
During lockdown Year 4 have been learning loads! We have learnt about Hindi worship, cooking, looking after wildlife, cooking and baking, describing, writing diaries and loads more! 
We have worked extra hard because it is not easy to work from home all the time!
Autumn 2 2020
Autumn 1 2020
In Topaz class this week we have learnt all about Armistice Day and what it means for us today. We talked about all the hardships our servicemen and women may face when returning and looked at how The Poppy Appeal helps to raise funds for them. We made poppies as we were unable to buy them in school this year and observed our 2 minutes silence.
To celebrate National Kindness Day and Children in Need Aqua class started by trying to squeeze out all the toothpaste from a tooth paste tube. The children worked very well together, making sure they shared the tube around their group. Next, the children were a little confused because Mrs Broom asked them to get all the toothpaste back in the tube! They tried our hardest but it was a challenge! After 10 minutes of trying, Mrs Broom explained that they could think of unkind words being the same as the toothpaste and the way that it is very hard to get back in the tube, is the same way it is hard to take back harmful or unkind words! The children all agreed they will be thinking a lot harder about their words in future! To end the morning Aqua class painted rocks to go in our 'Kindness Rocks Garden', where they will be adding inspirational quotes and kind words to help them to remember the importance of kindness! All in all it was a great morning!
Topaz class found routes and measured and added distances to find the best ways to navigate the map!
We were exploring the art of persuasion in Topaz class - we thought there was no better way to rehearse them in a Europe topic than by making adverts! Can you see all the tricks of the trade?
As part of our back to school learning we watched Bubbles as part of the inspiration for our writing; we also got to play with bubbles to explore how they made us feel so we could include those emotive adjectives in our writing!
We definitely want to make the most of the gorgeous sunshine so we are trying to get out as often as possible - here we are team building and honing our PE skills!
We are learning about Romeo and Juliet both in our English and Guided Reading lessons this half term and we are all thoroughly enjoying the twists and turns!
Topaz using our computers to research Henry Viii's wives - We are glad we weren't one of them!
We were learning about place value and how numbers are constructed and we used this knowledge to recognise that other symbols can follow a similar pattern; we solved the puzzle by realising that 100 would always have 3 symbols whether they were numerical or pictorial!