Year 5 - Dolphins

Welcome to Year 5 - Dolphin Class

Welcome to Dolphin Class where Mrs Gemma Dower is the Class Teacher and Mrs Sarah Ros-Rydh and Mrs Sue Hyatt are the Teaching Assistants. The children follow the expectation of the National Curriculum and the learning is carefully planned to ensure that all children are motivated and excited to learn.
Mrs Gemma Dower


Mrs Sarah Ros-Rydh

Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Sue Hyatt

Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor

Were all Vikings vicious attackers
The Autumn term topic is all about the Vikings! We will be learning about their culture, art, raids and trades. In Science we are learning about materials and their properties and completeing some Viking inspired investigations such as "Which is the best chain mail material for Leif the Viking?" Our Art will be based around creating Viking inspired pottery and we will compare these to the works of modern day pottery. 
In Dolphin class we love to ask questions and debate topics. We are exceptionally good at politely disagreeing and presenting our opinions. 
We believe "Learning is a journey that never ends. Each discovery reveals another mystery waiting to be understood."
Commuting and History
We made Viking settlement map Gifs! We used Keynote to label counties and animated the longboats which travel to the British areas inwhich the Viking settled.
Motivator day - History
We excavated a Viking burial mound and asked enquiry questions. We concluded the Viking broke their swords and were burried with them. We also deduced some Vikings owned their own slaves. Over the next few weeks, we hope to find out more about Viking culture and mythology.
How did the Viking travel around the world?
Take a look at out Thinklink Click the icons for videos and extra information. We are so proud of the children who managed this independently!
Viking raiders and traders
Dolpin class visited the Maritime Museum and took part in a Viking workshop. We struck our own silver coins and handled Viking artefacts. 
We created Viking trade troutes from Europe to the Middle East. Then we traded our specific goods for silver and exchanges. We learnt that Viking were not just VisciousVikings but were also Terrific Traders.
Check out our class Padlet. We used it to create book recommendations for our class guided reading book. 
Autumn 2 - Why is the planet melting? 
This half term we are learning all about the Arctic. We will be making clothes for an Arctic explorer, learning about Global Warming, and comparing the Arctic climate with that of the UK.  Our class book is Floodland click the link to read a free extract! Floodland-pms-ac 3..3 (
Dt - making Arctic hats.
We designed, made, and evaluated Arctic hats.
Arctic explorer Day.
We had a special visit from an explorer who has ventured to the depth of the North Pole. He helped us to plan our own expedition and even let us try on some of his kit!
We researched translucent, transparent, and opaque materials and used our new knowledge to create explorer glasses!
We explored thermal insulators and electrical insulators. We used these to decide the best materials to make an explorers bed and torch!
We wrote and performed Climate change persuasive speeches.
Take a look at our Science reversible and irreversible changes Padlet and Mentimetre!
We used the Night before Christmas to inspire our own narrative poems!
Spring Term 1 - Who won the Space Race?
This half term we are taking one step for man but one giant leap for mankind! We will be learning all about our solar systems and advances in space exploration. This term is set to be filled with awe and wonder. We are reading the War of the Worlds and creating space-inspired alien stories. In Art, we will be making collagraph prints of our story settings. 
Calling Spaceport Newquay!
As part of our motivator day, we enjoyed a virtual morning with Spaceport Newquay. We created scaled versions of the solar system and asked the scientists our burning questions.
We used a stargazer APP to inspire imprints of constellations. Next, we studied the work of Peter Thorpe and recreated his work using collagraph prints.
In Science, we used an AR APP to create the lunar cycles and learnt to record ourselves interacting with our new creations!
No pen day.
We learnt all about Oracy and explored different reasons to communicate. The children all created a nature fraction wall and instructed their partner to recreate their ideas.
In PE, we have been learning how to use our bodies to travel in different ways. Have a look at our animal catwalk!
We used iMovie to make Cold war movie trailers!
We used ThingLink to create Virtual tours of a Cathedral.
Why is London an important city? 
It has finally arrived- the best term of Year 5. This half term we will be learning all about the River Thames and the geographical features of London. We will be using a collection of maps, globes and Google maps to discover the city and compare it with similar European areas. 
In Art, we will be researching the architects of London and recreating the famous London skyline. All of this is ended with an incredible trip to London: Museums, theatres, the London Eye, and much more!
As part of our World Book day Celebration we made Audio books!
Year 5 made their own interactive Scratch games! Click on the flag to have a go!
The Ancient Greeks
For our Greek day, we designed and create our own Greek Meze. We enjoyed tasting testing different dips.