Year 3 - Lobsters

Welcome to Year 3 -  Lobster Class

Welcome to Lobster Class where Mr Matthew Barnard and Mrs Kerenza Burnett are the Class Teachers and Mrs Kirsty Le-Mar and Mrs Simone Philpott are the Teaching Assistants. The children follow the expectation of the National Curriculum and the learning is carefully planned to ensure that all children are motivated and excited to learn.
Mr Matthew Barnard


Mrs Kerenza Burnett


Mrs Simone Philpott

Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Kirsty Le-Mar

Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor

Autumn 1 2021 - Where in the world is Africa? 
Design Technology 
We created our own automatons inspired by African animals. 
Literacy - The Storyseekers
We are taking part in the National Theatre's Storyseeker programme for our Literacy this half term. 
The aim of this programme is to restore the imagination and wonder of stories to the world after the Covid 19 Lockdown. 
This half term we are learning how to play African drums. 
This half term we have been taking part in Elemental Watersports at Swanpool Beach. 
Autumn 2 - What was it like to be a Victorian child? 
Victorian Day 
We dressed up as Victorians for the day and took part in lots of different Victorian activities:
  • Victorian servants - we cleaned the classroom, polished glasses and washed clothes by hand. 
  • Victorian cooks - we made bread rolls for dinner.
  • Victorian school students - we practiced writing letters on slates using chalk. 
We also took part in drill on the playground and learnt all about the differences between rich and poor Victorian families. 
We have been learning about the major muscles in the body and made our own models of how they work in pairs.
Religion and Worldviews 
We have been learning about Jewish festivals and celebrations this half term.
We retold the story of The Exodus. This is remembered by Jewish people during the festival of Pesach (Passover) and is important because it is when God freed the Jewish people from slavery. 
We took part in a Woodland Animal project with the Dracaena Centre and pupils from Falmouth School. 
We made animal masks, created leaf patterns and made woodland posters using stencils. 
Design Technology 

This half term we created our own pasty bags. We practiced our sewing skills and added extra details to make our bags look eye-catching. 
Come and see our Christmas performance, including African drumming and our favourite Christmas songs!  We hope you enjoy it.
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Spring 1 - How is climate change affecting our weather?
This half term in Science we have been exploring light. So far we have investigated how light helps us to see things, how to stay safe in the sun and which materials are the most reflective. 
We used our science anchor task to draw together all of our learning this half-term about light and shadows. See the shadow puppet theatre shows we created about our literacy film 'Tabula Rasa' -
We have been learning about the Japanese artist - Hokusai. Here are some of our versions of his famous painting 'The Great Wave'. 
We have been writing to Falmouth University and Cornwall Council to find out how well they are following their commitments to COP26. 
Lobsters had a 'pen-free' day on Friday 21st January. 
We learnt about:
  • Different types of talk and how these are used.
  • Different types of groupings for discussions, including pairs and trios. 
  • Ways to agree and disagree with each other politely.
  • The importance of being a good speaker and listener.
We created our own set of discussion guidelines to follow during every lesson.
Spring 2 - How did Stone Age people live? 
World Book Day
Lobsters had a brilliant time dressing up for World Book Day. 
We found out that our top 3 favourite authors are Julia Donaldson, JK Rowling and Roald Dahl. 
We spent a lot of time talking about our favourite books using our Oracy sentence starters and then shared our favourite part of the story with our friends. 
We read the tale of Brambly Hedge as a class and created posters showing our favourite characters, including a description of their personality.
In the afternoon we had a go at being illustrators and creating our own house inside a tree trunk - matching the story of Brambly Hedge. 
Stone Age Day
Lobsters have had a brilliant time dressing up as Stone Age people and making clay pots. We learnt where the Stone Age fits on our historical timeline (right at the very beginning), and also had a go at drawing different types of contemporary pottery - comparing this with Stone Age pottery. 
Museum Visit 

Lobsters went on a visit to the Royal Cornwall Museum for a Stone Age workshop. 
They had a great time looking at various artefacts from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. 
They created lots of observational drawings of the artefacts and goldwork, before creating their own golden lunalee. 
Music - There's no smoke without fire.
Lobsters have been learning this song as part of their Stone Age topic this half term. 
They enjoyed dressing up in their Stone Age costumes to create their own music video. 
Musical soundtrack (c) Out of the Ark Music. 
Music - Stig of the Dump 
This half term, Lobsters have been reading a book in Guided Reading called Stig of the Dump, written by Clive King. 
They really enjoyed learning about the main character 'Stig' - a Stone Age caveman that lived in a rubbish dump. 
We have been learning about rhythm and pulse this half term in Music and have learnt how to create our own rhythms. Lobsters thought of a variety of adjectives to describe Stig at various points in the story and we then used these to create a musical chant. 
Summer 1 - Why is the Falmouth coast special?
Lobsters learned about the different ways that flowering plants disperse their seeds and acted them out.
Lobsters have been learning about Alliteration as part of their poetry unit in Literacy. 

Lobsters have been looking at the work of artists: Andy Warhol, Henri Matisse and Ernst Haeckel.

They have created their own images of sea creatures and coastal plants in the style of these artists.  

They then chose their favourite images to create their own stamps and made repeating pattern prints.

Lobsters have been learning how to write Acrostic poems all about Falmouth. 
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