Year 3/4 - Turtles

Welcome to Year 3/4 - Turtle Class

Welcome to Turtle Class where Miss Lily Bolton is the Class Teacher and Mrs Emma Richardson is the Teaching Assistant. The children follow the expectation of the National Curriculum and the learning is carefully planned to ensure that all children are motivated and excited to learn.
Miss Lily Bolton


Mrs Emma Richardson

Teaching Assistant / Lunchtime Supervisor

Autumn 1

Off with her head!

What a fantastic start to the term! Turtles have been learning all about the Terrible Tudors! We wanted to find out if Henry VIII was the most influential monarch...
We started off thinking like historians and found out about the key dates of the Tudor period. 
Take a look at our class Tudor Timeline!
We also enjoyed learning all about Henry VIII's wives, can you name them all?
  • Divorced
  • Beheaded
  • Died
  • Divorced
  • Beheaded
  • Survived


In art, we have been appraising Tudor artists to help us create our own Tudor Portraits! 
In RSHE we have been learning about our school community and who helps us to learn. We enjoyed role playing different members of our school community and reflecting on all the things they do to help us be successful in our learning. 
In Turtles class we used our column addition knowledge to solve the 'MAKE 100 CHALLENGE'. 
Autumn 2
Growing up in Europe
In Turtles this half term, we have been learning all about what it is like to grow up in Europe. The children have discovered all of the countries in Europe and enjoyed comparing the similarities and differences between them. 
We have also enjoyed a fantastic trip to our local Pizza Express where we learnt all about making fresh Italian pizzas! We even got to have a go at making our own which were absolutely delicious. 
Spring 1
Who were the Romans?
Turtles took part in an amazing Roman Workshop this term. They enjoyed learning about life as a Roman soldier and how they chose their armour and weapons. We were lucky and even got to try out some of the Roman formations with our shields. We also learnt about Roman Numerals and discovered some amazing facts. 
Spring 2 - What powers Earth?
Turtles have been enjoying some fantastic flute lessons this half term. We have been learning a variety of new skills to enable us to play 'Hot Cross Buns' as a whole class. Look out for our amazing performance!
In Science, we have been learning all about electrical circuits. The children put their new skills to the test by carrying out various problem solving activities to earn their Junior Electrician Certificates! I am pleased to announce that ALL the children earnt their certificates and are confident at building circuits, adding switches and buzzers and identifying/using insulators and conductors!
We have been enjoying the glorious sunshine in literacy. The children went into the eco garden to use their senses to inspire their senses description writing. 
Summer 1 - What did it feel like to be evacuated?
Turtles enjoyed a visit to Flambards this half term to learn about life as an evacuee. We visited the Britain in the Blitz exhibition where we went into an air raid shelter and experienced what it would have been like in London during WW2. We learnt some fantastic facts about the war and read some real evacuee letters. During our trip, we also visited the Victorian Village exhibition to remind us all about our learning about the Victorian Period. It was a fantastic day and the children followed our school's three golden rules perfectly. 
We have been enjoying our beautiful, local beach this half term and have been lucky enough to participate in a range of water sport activities such as paddle boarding.
To celebrate VE day, Turtles enjoyed playing a range of WW2 games, baked their own delicious WW2 carrot scones from their rations and learnt how to do the Lindy-Hop dance. The children had an amazing day and learnt all about what VE day is, when it happened and why we still celebrate it today!