Year 2 - Limpet

Welcome to Year 2 -  Limpet Class

Welcome to Limpet Class where Mrs Sian Grant is the Class Teacher and Miss Jessica Jose  is the Teaching Assistant. The children follow the expectation of the National Curriculum and the learning is carefully planned to ensure that all children are motivated and excited to learn.
Mrs Sian Grant


Miss Jessica Jose

Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor

Our topic this term is "How would I survive on a desert island?"

For our motivator day we dressed as castaways! Mrs Grant found a letter in a bottle on a beach. It was from a man called Fred who was stranded on a desert island. We used the co-ordinates from Fred’s letter to find the deserted island that Fred is stranded on.

We learnt about human and physical features. We sorted the objects into those that we would find on a deserted island and those that we wouldn’t find on a deserted island.

We found out that some materials were originally physical features but are now human features such as a shelter and a hammock made from vines. 


We have learnt how to use a key! We had to match the different treasure maps to the correct key.

We then had to follow the instructions and use the key to place everyone in Limpet class on different parts of the island.

It was lots of fun! 


In literacy we have been using our senses to describe and explain what it would be like to be stranded on a desert island like the characters in our class book. We turned the classroom into a desert island and used our senses to describe what we could hear, see, taste, smell and touch. The seaweed was particularly smelly but it helped us to write fantastic descriptions!  

We have been learning to follow compass and directional language and use a key to identify different features on a map. Today we went on our very own treasure hunt around school! We had to follow the instructions to find the secret map... The secret map, which was hidden in a tiny treasure chest, contained an aerial map of the school which showed where to find the treasure. The children then had to use their map skills to find the hidden treasure. We had SO much fun!