SEND Policy

Falmouth Primary Academy is committed to being an inclusive school.

What is SEN?

SEN – stands for Special Educational Needs. These needs may be very broad, varying from difficulties in literacy/maths to diagnosed conditions. At Falmouth Primary Academy we have children with a variety of needs and we support them successfully. We do this in a variety of ways including extra adult support during lessons, extra time to learn the skills needed to make progress, with either the class teaching assistant or in focused out of class groups. We ensure that they can access whole class teaching. We also ask for and encourage support from outside agencies such as: Speech and Language therapists, Occupational therapists, Educational Psychologist and other appropriate support services.

Who is the SEN Co-ordinator?

Mrs Jennifer Hobday is our Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO). The SENCO’s job, alongside your child’s class teacher and a team of teaching assistants, is to co-ordinate the extra help they may need both in and outside of school and to ensure that individual support plans are effective in supporting your child to make the progress they need.

How can we support your children?

It might be that you are worrying that your child seems to be struggling now or more than they have in the past. In the first instance you should communicate your concerns to your child’s class teacher. We try to communicate with you at all times and teachers will speak to you if they are concerned your child is not making the anticipated progress. We will complete an initial referral form which we will discuss and share with you. This form will allow us to carry out further diagnostic tests to ensure that we put the appropriate support in place for your child.

If you are worried that your child is not happy, struggling to remember facts, always in trouble or not making progress in reading, please speak to your child’s class teacher.

If your child does need extra help you will receive an appointment to meet your child’s class teacher to discuss what they find tricky and how we propose to help them. This is written down in a plan called a support plan. You may also receive a letter asking for permission for your child to be part of a group. These groups run during the school day and give your child extra practise at whatever skill they need. We want you to know how your child is being supported and to help them in similar ways if you can. There are a range of different types of support and activities and these are determined by the level and type of need your child has. We also ensure that your child does not come over reliant on additional support and therefore we develop their independence, resilience, perseverance and self-belief. We see these as key skills for life.

Mrs Hobday will have regular meetings with you to review the progress of your child. If your child has an Education Health Care Plan, then there will be an annual review which you be asked to attend. We also believe the pupil voice should have a strong presence.

Area Resource Base (ARB) - run by The Special Partnership Trust

At Falmouth Primary Academy we have a 10 place class for children with complex learning needs. These currently range from ASD and speech and language difficulties. The class is led by Mrs Rebecca Kemp, who is a specialist SEND teacher and a team of four skilled teaching assistants.

Admission into this specialist class is decided by an independent LA team. Children need to have an EHC plan in place to qualify for admission. Prior to a place being awarded Mrs Kemp will arrange visits to ensure that there is a smooth transition for the child and their family. Where appropriate child are included into the mainstream school alongside their peers.