Mathematics is taught through daily lessons. Carefully planned personalised learning activities ensure that expectations of the new National Curriculum are embedded. Children are encouraged to apply their skills in a variety of ways. Reasoning, fluency and problem solving is integral to our curriculum and ensures that children are applying their basic skills and knowledge in different contexts. There is a strong focus on learning and recalling number facts, multiplication and division facts. We endeavour to ensure that our children are confident and numerate mathematicians.
KIRFs (Key Instant Recall Facts)

KIRFs (Key Instant Recall Facts) are designed to support the development of the mental skills that underpin much of the mathematics work in school. They are particularly useful when calculating, be it adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing. 

Each year group is allocated up to six facts to focus on throughout the year, in line with age related expectations. It is important that they know these facts thoroughly and can recall them instantly. The KIRFs are designed to be a set of facts that need to be learnt thoroughly as they build on each other year on year. Again, we stress that the children must aim to know their KIRFs inside out, back to front and with instant recall. 

We strongly encourage you to engage with your children in the learning of their KIRFs and find fun and practical ways to do this. There are many online tools that you can use such as Times Table Rockstars for Years 2-6, Daily ten and Hit the button which can both be found through these web links.

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