Vision and Values

Falmouth Primary Academy’s Vision and Values

‘Learning through a voyage of discovery’

Our vision builds on our nurturing ethos, where we enable every child to flourish academically, spiritually and emotionally. We achieve this through inspirational, exciting and challenging learning experiences, utilising our natural environment by creating endless possibilities and developing a strong understanding of what it means to be a global citizen. Our children will develop a thirst for learning that will last a lifetime.

 Our core values

  •          We believe that everyone is equal, respected and diversity is celebrated
  •          We believe that we should make a positive contribution in our local community and the world beyond
  •          We believe that we should always strive for our personal best and be proud of our achievements
  •          We believe that we should have a positive outlook on life and have high aspirations
  •          We believe that kindness and understanding should be at the heart of our interactions
  •          We believe that a love of reading will open up a world of possibilities and opportunities
  •          We believe that we should take on active role in caring for our environment, both locally and globally