Design & Technology

Welcome to Design Technology at Falmouth Primary Academy!


On this page you will find useful information related to the topics covered in DT across the school as well as the way in which skills progress in the subject throughout the school.


In DT, we provide opportunities for each child, in each topic, to design, make and evaluate their final product. They have opportunities to be innovative, creative and take risks. At Falmouth Primary Academy children create products with continuous evaluation throughout the process making necessary adaptations as they go through. Our curriculum is designed to expose the children to rich technical vocabulary throughout.


The intent of Design and Technology at Falmouth Primary Academy is for it to be a subject that inspires, is rigorous and practical. Design and Technology encourages curiosity and develops the children’s problem-solving skills. We encourage children to use their growth mindset to overcome and set backs during the process.


The Design and Technology curriculum is designed to develop the skills and knowledge as part of a spiral curriculum throughout the years. The children will build upon their skills and knowledge in each year. Design and Technology at Falmouth Primary Academy provides children with a range of experiences and opportunities. Throughout their time at school they will develop their skills in structures, food technology, electrical systems, mechanisms and textiles.  We aim to, wherever possible, link work to other subject areas such as mathematics, science, engineering, computing and art thereby enabling pupils to notice connections and patterns in their learning. We always give the children a target audience to design their products for so it is meaningful and relatable to real life experiences.




The children at Falmouth Primary embrace the opportunities given to them during DT.  The overview below allows you to see what skills, knowledge and topics the children will cover across the year in each year group.