Art and Design at Falmouth Primary Academy is a creative and inspiring subject that aims to provide the opportunity for every pupil to reach their creative potential as an artist, whatever their ability.

Our curriculum is designed to immerse pupils in the work of local and international artists, who they will learn about and take inspiration from when creating their own works of art. Pupils will research and discuss the key ideas, techniques and practices of artists using the appropriate vocabulary and in reference to historical and cultural contexts. Each unit makes cross-curricular links with other subjects where possible to give pupils’ art a greater purpose and relevance.

Throughout their art career at Falmouth Primary Academy, pupils will have the experience of using a wide range of materials to develop and refine their skills and techniques in drawing, painting, printing and three-dimensional art. They will have the opportunity to experiment with a range of mark-making tools such as charcoal, pencils, pens, pastels and crayons as well as combining media such as fabric, paper and paints in collage to create a range of exciting artwork. Pupils will learn different printing techniques using paint and inks on paper and fabric. Drawing will be used to experiment, plan out ideas and make observations of photographs, real-life and others’ art as well to draw three-dimensional images using tone and shading as well as perspective. Pupils will be able to accurately mix colours and use appropriate brushes and techniques with water colours, gouache and acrylic.

Pupils will learn to think, work and speak like artists, critiquing their own and others’ artwork and using every opportunity to learn and improve on their creations as well as building on their skills over time to be competent and confident artists.