99 Club

99 Club is a scheme which aims to raise numeracy standards by encouraging pupils to improve their mental calculation skills. With repeated practise, the scheme should result in increased speed, accuracy and confidence when answering mental maths questions.
Pupils begin on the 11 Club and work their way up, having one opportunity per week to answer all the calculations at their current level unaided and within 10 minutes.  When they have answered all the questions correctly for papers A, B and C for their level, they move up to the next 'Club'. Each paper in the 11 Club has 11 calculations to answer, 22 Club has 22 questions and so on, all the way up to 99 Club. After this, they move on to the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Clubs, where there are 100 questions to answer within 10 minutes.
Have a look at our 99 Club practise sheets to help your child/children prepare for their next test!